Warren Police Department gets new police cruisers

The total cost for the new cruisers was around $200,000

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WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Some new cruisers will soon be on the road, patrolling the streets of Warren.

Six of the seven Police Interceptor Ford Explorers were delivered to the department on Wednesday.

They’ll be replacing older vehicles in the fleet that have more than 120,000 miles on them.

The new SUVs are all-wheel drive, which will help officers navigate the roads during the winter months.

Three of the new cruisers are being paid for from the general fund. Money for the other four is coming from asset forfeitures and the Drug Law Enforcement Trust.

“This is what having the ability to take assets from criminals and funds seized in drug raids does,” said Enzo Cantalamessa, Warren’s Safety Services Director. “It enables the police department to be able to replenish its fleet.”

The cruisers will be marked before they’re put in service.

Equipment-like computers and light bars will be transferred to the new ones from the the vehicles being taken out of service.