Family escapes fire that destroyed million-dollar Canfield home

Firefighters in Canfield say it started in the garage but the cause is still unknown

CANFIELD TWP., Ohio (WYTV) – A fire burnt a million-dollar Canfield home to the ground early Tuesday morning.

Only a few walls are left of the home in the 3900 block of Montereale Drive, just behind the Tippecanoe Country Club. A burnt pickup truck still sat outside Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbors said they heard an explosion around 3 a.m.

“The next thing I know, my mom is sending me text messages, saying ‘Winchesters’ house is fully engulfed in flames,’” Katie Jung said.

She started crying when she learned what was going on.

“I said, ‘Oh my gosh, what happened? Oh my gosh!’ It was horrifying. It was terrible.”

The fire destroyed the family’s home and three cars but everyone is safe. Cardinal Joint Fire District Chief Don Hutchison credits their smoke alarms for waking them up so they could get out safely.

“The family did escape unharmed,” he said. “It was definitely a well-involved fire that moved ahead. They were alerted and they escaped.”

Hutchison said the fire started in the garage. When firefighters arrived, flames and smoke covered the house.

Surrounding fire departments responded to the scene to help Canfield put out the fire.

Firefighters tried to get inside but had to quickly exit because of the intense flames and smoke.

The roof, attic and first and second floors collapsed into the basement, covering the fire below.

After the flames were out, crews began removing the burnt items.

“Oh my gosh, their house! Their everything!” Jung said. “It’s a new year. It’s a horrible way to start a new year.”

Because of the bitter cold, paramedics and two ambulances were called in to help firefighters.

Salt crews came to prevent water from the firefighters’ hoses from freezing on the street. The fire hoses did not freeze either.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Mahoning County Auditor’s website says this home was valued at over $1 million. With a property worth that much, Hutchison said it’s procedure to call in the State Fire Marshal to investigate.