Nugget of Knowledge: Most ‘Googled’ in 2017

Ken doll's man-bun was top in Ohio

Nugget of Knowledge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – This comes to us from “The Daily Dot:”

That’s a media company that covers internet culture and life on the web. It tabulated the most-Googled subjects in each state for 2017.

What were people browsing for?

Let’s go around the block, around Ohio, and see what everyone was looking up the most.

Pennsylvania: The Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill goes to prison for a parole violation

West Virginia: How to make a fidget spinner

Kentucky: Actress Ashley Judd’s speech

Indiana: What is a solar eclipse?

Michigan: Giant penguins

Ohio: The new Ken doll with the man-bun

Some other interesting searchers: Rhode Islanders wanted to know about the accusations against Matt Lauer

The people of South Dakota really wanted to see Tiger Woods’ mugshot

In Tennessee, they googled the Stanley Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Nashville Predators, four games to two

A lot of people in South Carolina wanted to know where they could get eclipse glasses, and those in Alabama wanted to know all about the Roy Moore allegations.