Sit back, relax and have a drink at the upgraded Tinseltown theater

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The experience of going to see a movie at Cinemark Tinseltown in Boardman is a bit different, ever since the theater decided to get a few upgrades.

Those old theater seats — the ones that have been there since it opened — have been replaced by reclining leather loungers, now in all seven of Tinseltown’s local theaters.

Tinseltown’s owner, Greg Wigley, says the theater in Boardman is now the first one in the area to replace all of its chairs with loungers.

“They’ve already done remodels in 25 percent of their theaters, and we were happy that, extremely happy, that we were one of the theaters,” Wigley said,

He describes the new seats as spectacular, changing the whole look of the theater. They’re lined up in rows like a La-Z-Boy Furniture store, and there is now more space between each row so the loungers can recline

There are about 40 percent fewer seats — those few seats that used to be on the sides are now gone.

“Most of those seats, aside from a really, we’ll say busy, Friday night weren’t being used anyway. So basically you’re taking out those seats that weren’t being used and putting in really, really comfortable recliners in their place,” Wigley said.

Each seat now has to be reserved, which can be done online.

“Very comfortable, enjoyed it, relaxing. Made for a good movie,” said Joe Lamp, of East Liverpool.

“Oh, it was wonderful. Yes, it was excellent,” said Peggy Lesigonich, of Boardman.

“It makes it more comfortable. You’re not crowded. It seems to be a little more open,” said Mike Zeolla, of Girard.

The whole front of Tinseltown has been remodeled, too. The popcorn poppers are new, and beer and wine have been added to the concessions. You can place them in the extra large cup holders.

Even with the expensive upgrades, Wigley says ticket prices did not go up.

Salem Twin Cinema has a row of loungers in each of its theaters, but Tinseltown is the first to go exclusively lounger seating.