If slush freezes overnight, Austintown road crews will be ready

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – One group of people that doesn’t seem overly concerned about the temperatures dropping Monday night are those running the road departments. They’ve seen this situation before and have a plan.

Along Mahoning Avenue in Austintown on Monday, the road was just wet but untreated roads and parking lots will be a problem overnight.

With temperatures dropping back below freezing, all of that slush will become thick ice.

Road crews said it would be impossible to get rid of all the slush — it’s everywhere.

At the Austintown Administration Building, there were tire tracks in the slush. Even with a road department truck nearby, it will freeze.

The township’s road department said if the roads freeze, it’s relying on the police Monday night into early Tuesday.

“If it gets slippery, we’ll call the road foreman who’s on call. Then he’ll leave his house and drive over here. On the way here, he’ll determine whether or not he needs to call out the crew,” said Austintown Road Superintendent Mike Dockry.

He said the temperature has to drop to about 28 degrees for the crews to go out and retreat roads overnight.