West side homeowners overwhelmed by cleanup costs after flooding

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Homeowners along a stretch of Wendover Circle on Youngstown’s west side are still cleaning up after a waterline break last month. For some, the costs keep climbing and they desperately want help.

In early December, people who live along Wendover Circle woke up to flooding in their basements. One month later, they’re not doing well.

“Just trying to make it through the holidays with what little we had,” Debbie Skica said.

“This is bad. This is very bad,” Fred Ross said.

Since the flood, their days have consisted of phone calls and paperwork.

“I’ve been dealing with the insurance company, Service Master and the city law department,” Ross said.

He has even more documents because his basement flooded twice.

Crews cleaned up most of the damage but that cost the homeowners big bucks.

“For what they charged me, I could buy a new car,” Skica said.

Ross said it cost $19,000 to clean his house out. The local Service Master franchise said $8,000 of that are their bills for both incidents at his house.

Now Ross is dealing with another issue — the odor from the sewer water.

“We keep the door shut upstairs but it’s still coming through the vents,” he said.

Ross wants someone to take care of it — but he can’t afford it.

The good news for both Ross and Skica is the issue that caused the flooding will be fixed by next week. Chuck Shasho, director of Youngstown’s Public Works, said there were issues with both the water and sewer lines.