Mild day to prep for storm Friday afternoon

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – PREP DAY:  With record-high temperatures in the upper 50s, Thursday is a great day to save yourself from headaches when the storm arrives Friday.

Some things you should do ahead of time:

  • Pick up some grocery essentials
  • Check batteries in flashlights
  • Put together a plan for potential power outages

Rain will be steady to heavy at times Thursday and early Friday. While all eyes are on the storm, we remind you of the flood potential. Up to an inch of rain and the recent snowpack melting could cause localized flooding Friday morning.

SLEET: Tiny ice pellets can accumulate like snow.

FREEZING RAIN: It’s rain that freezes when it hits something. This is that shell of ice you have to chip off your windshield. This is what gives us that glaze or dreaded black ice.

Colder air into the afternoon Friday will cause rain to change to freezing rain, sleet or a mix of everything in the afternoon. A trace of ice could make for dangerous driving, but 1/2″ of ice build-up starts to cause branches to snap, knocking down power lines in the process. If we accumulate more ice, we’ll see higher risk for power outages. This would also cut down on the snow totals.

The track of the storm center is still questionable. If we transition to snow faster Friday evening, we could expect higher snow accumulations.

Click this link for Meteorologist Ryan Halicki’s projection for ice and snow scenarios

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