From rain to snow in one day, and it’s not over yet

Underneath all of the snow is a bed of ice that's been building up since the storm moved in

Snow plow in Warren

(WYTV) – Friday night’s winter storm brought rain, sleet and snow. There weren’t a lot of people out but those who were said they were going home and not coming back out.

The snow was falling heavily outside of Boardman’s South Avenue Sparkle Market but despite the weather, Diana Edwards stopped on her way home to Hubbard Township to help her husband.

“My husband makes his own homemade brandy and he texted me and asked me to get his lemon and his yeast and sugar so he could make something this weekend,” she said.

On Interstate 680 through Youngstown, salt trucks were seen frequently. The roads were just wet as the precipitation from 2 to 6 p.m. was a mix of rain and sleet.

From 6 to 6:30, it was all sleet and by 6:30 in Boardman, it was all snow.

“It wasn’t terrible but it’s not beautiful out here,” said Jim Morrow, of Youngstown.

Alan Croy, also of Youngstown, said he was stocking up before the weather got worse.

“Seriously, it’s pretty slippery out here man. Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

Across the street from Sparkle, Chris Stephens, with Simons Sure Line, was plowing and salting the Sherwin Williams parking lot.

“A lot of snow, a lot of ice. It’s going to be a long night,” Stephens said.

Underneath all of the snow is a bed of ice that’s been building up since the storm moved in.

Stephens predicted he’d be out plowing until midnight.

“Then we might take a break and then go out again in the morning. We’ll have to see what the snow does,” he said.

In Trumbull County, truck driver Edison Lane was actually following the direct path of the storm into Pennsylvania. He said driving in it, especially with smaller cars flying past, is when the job can get the scariest.

“If you start to slide, forget about the brakes, for that’s a disaster right there. More or less, your heart is right here. You don’t want to jackknife, or hit nobody, or run off the road or something.”

The lane dividers have been difficult to see, so it’s really up to each driver’s judgment.

This is a system that 33 Pinpoint Weather is watching closely. We will continue to bring you updates throughout this event as more information becomes available.

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