Nugget of Knowledge: Three words never heard at Disney World

All the images of smoking have been CG'd out of Disney movies

Nugget of Knowledge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – There is one phrase — three words, in fact — that you’ll never hear from an employee or any character in a Disney park, Disneyland, Disney World or any of the dozen other Disney parks on earth.

They will never say, “I don’t know.”

Disney never wants its guests to wander around, lost and looking for information.

If you ask a Disney Princess a question, the actor — if she doesn’t know the answer — should reach out to other employees to get it, even if it’s as simple as, ‘Where’s the restroom?’

This from the website Travel and Leisure.

Disney employees never point to someone or something or some direction with their index finger, never the single finger point. They point with two fingers together.

Two theories: some cultures see the single finger point as rude, so why offend a guest?

Second theory: Walt Disney always pointed with two fingers because he held a cigarette in them, pointing out things in his park.

Disney has since gone to great lengths to disassociate itself from smoking, even to the point of Photoshopping cigarettes out of pictures of Walt Disney. That’s according to the Huffington Post.

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