Youngstown’s newest bar is without bartenders

WYTV looked at downtown Youngstown's newest bar, Whistle and Keg

Whistle and Keg

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Whistle and Keg bar in downtown Youngstown uses technology instead of bartenders to pour the drinks. Customers simply need an I.D. and credit card to get started.

The bar has a variety of beers, ciders and wine on tap and you only have to pay for what you pour. There are over 40 taps.

The bar has a whistle that announces the opening and happy hour. It’s a steam whistle in tribute to Youngstown’s manufacturing past.

The bar has some appetizers and also has an open food policy. You’re allowed to bring in food from any restaurant, as long as it’s local.

The Whistle and Keg is located at 101 W. Federal St.