Trumbull Co. dad who almost lost whole family thanks strangers who saved them

BURGHILL, Ohio (WYTV) – A father and husband said he nearly lost everything important in his life Tuesday morning when the family van skidded in the snow and crashed into Girard Lake in Vienna Township.

It started off like every other day. Michelle Campo drives her husband, Andrew McGregor, to work and then gets the kids to school.

It was around 9 a.m. — freezing and snowy on Niles-Vienna Road.

“Dead man’s curve is what I’ve learned it was called,” McGregor said. “She spun out, did a 360 and went into the edge of the lake.”

He got the call that there was an accident and rushed to the scene.

“I run up and I look down the hill to see my car upside down. Water was in there. There was no way — didn’t look good. Didn’t look good at all.”

But Campo and their five young children were okay.

McGregor found a deputy who told him what happened.

“Civilians had helped pull the kids out. He showed me where my family was. I turned around and they were in someone else’s car keeping warm. They were all soaked and scared, I could see that,” McGregor said.

Campo is still very shaken up. She didn’t want to talk on camera much, but she did say this.

“If it wasn’t for that guy coming and opening that door, I don’t think I’d be able to get the kids out myself. I was trying, in water waist-high, trying to get seatbelts undone on five kids.”

That guy was one of at least five people who helped Campo and her children.

The van was on its side and she had to lift her kids through the window in the air. Together, with the strangers in the water themselves, they got all of the kids back on solid ground.

“Shook the one man’s hand. I didn’t even catch his name. Before I knew it, he had hopped in his car and he was gone,” McGregor said.

He said he would like to meet them.

“Thank you. Without your help, I probably wouldn’t have my kids right now.”

McGregor said he doesn’t have much else to give.

“Just a simple thank you. Thank you for being there.”

The family just moved to Burghill. They were looking for a close community.

McGregor said the kindness of strangers helping his family on Tuesday told him this is where he needs to be.

The van was the family’s only car. McGregor said he saved up for three years to buy it. So they’ll have to start over now and hope to find their way.