Weathersfield PD: Men broke into business, stole from vending machines

Robert Floyd and William Hughes are charged with breaking and entering, vandalism and theft

L: William Hughes, R: Robert Floyd

WEATHERSFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Weathersfield police say two men stole change and candy from vending machines at Glunt Industries.

Officers were called to the manufacturing business on Saturday night for an alarm that was going off. Once there, police found that a door that had previously been damaged was damaged again.

Officers followed footprints in the snow, which led to a fence on the property. The tracks then continued on the other side of the fence.

While waiting for back-up, officers reported hearing a noise near the door of the business. Two men then came out, according to police.

The men, identified as 26-year-old Robert Floyd and 48-year-old William Hughes, were arrested.

Police said Hughes had a large plastic bag filled with coins. Another bag was found stuffed with pop and candy from the vending machine, according to police.

Police said an investigation found that four vending machines at the business had been forced open. The locks had been burned with a torch and cut open.

Hughes and Floyd were taken into custody on breaking and entering, vandalism and theft charges. Hughes is also charged with harassing a police dog after police said he began yelling at the dog during his arrest.

While at the police station, police said Hughes asked officers for candy from the bag because he was hungry