Democratic challenger calls Rep. Bill Johnson ‘puppet,’ ‘political prostitute’

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(WYTV) – Congressman Bill Johnson will be facing Democratic opposition this fall.

Werner Lange plans to run for the 6th District seat.

He was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic Convention in 2016.

“If voters like what Bernie Sanders stands for, they’ll love my campaign platform,” Lange said in a statement.

Lange calls the 6th District badly gerrymandered and says Johnson is out of touch.

“He is a puppet of the top 1 percent and a political prostitute of the fracking and fossil-fuel industries,” Lange said. “He may as well be from the moon, not Marietta, based on his woeful misrepresentation of the will and needs of the people. I, by sharp contrast, am firmly with working families of the 99 percent and will fiercely advocate on their behalf in Congress.”

Lange is a former pastor and educator from Newton Falls, which is outside of the 6th District.