Hundreds march for equality, progress in downtown Sharon

SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) – Around 500 men, women and children participated in the second annual Women’s March in downtown Sharon.

This year, the focus was on progress and reclaiming power. Activists hope the march inspires everyday citizens to get actively involved in their Democracy.

“I’m here marching for my rights, my sister’s rights, my mother’s rights,” said Sereen Thomas, of Warren.

Organizers hope the march also shows the power of unity in the face of national divisiveness.

“Last year’s march marked the public’s dedication to Democracy, and this march is a continuation of that — that we’re still here and we’re still fighting for Democracy,” said Sheila Nowinski, of Indivisible Mercer County.

Armed with signs about healthcare, education, civil rights and equal rights, everyone raised their voices to fight for what they believe in, all united by the desire for progress.

“We are all here together. We are all humans and we need to be here for each other in our times of need,” said guest speaker Camille Radford.

When the chanting stops and the crowds disperse, activists like Crystal Durachko say the work begins.

“You really need to participate beyond this moment. These are nice pictures, this is an exciting moment, but there’s much more to be done. So leave this feeling inspired and do more afterwards,” she said.

More than 800 people participated in Sharon’s first march last year.