Engineer working to prevent another sewage overflow in Poland

Photo courtesy of Poland Village Councilman Sam Moffie

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Mahoning County’s Engineer said his staff is looking for a long-term solution to stop a sewage overflow problem from happening again.

About a week-and-a-half ago, a 36-inch sewer line behind the Poland Library became blocked. It led to raw sewage and other debris flooding the library’s parking lot before flowing into nearby Yellow Creek.

County Engineer Pat Ginnetti said tree roots got into the underground line. Eventually, rocks and other debris were able to block it.

Ginnetti said a contractor was able to find the obstruction and clear it out last week. A few sections of pipe were damaged as a result of the blockage.

Ginnetti said the problem was reported to the EPA for its review, and the mess is now cleared up.

He said his staff will take a closer look at the line to be sure its free of any other potential obstructions that could cause more back-ups in the future.