Next budget showdown could happen in middle of tax season

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The government shutdown is over but with only a temporary fix in place, this year’s tax season could be a little bumpy.

The funding bill that was passed Monday only funds the government through February 8, which means there could be another shutdown. If so, it could land right in the middle of tax season.

The 2018 tax filing season officially beings on January 29. In the event of a shutdown, the IRS will continue to collect money but they will not pay money out. That means your tax return could be delayed, among other issues.

“Tax payers could see their refunds delayed even more than they already are. They could see some problems with paper filing, with processing of any kind of returns until the shutdown is over, and of course, there aren’t going to be any audits either,” said Andrew Reigstad, owner of Tax 29.

Government shutdown or not, there is no delay in when your taxes are due. All individuals without an extension need to file by April 17.

Even without a government shutdown, your tax return could still come a little later this year because the e-filing system date is relatively later this year. In previous years, e-filing had already started by now.

“This year, they are doing what they did last year. They are taking a little longer time to exam certain returns and certain credits like earned income credit and the additional child credit. Returns like that are being delayed. They are taking a little closer look at that. So, returns like that are not being processed until Feb. 15.” Reigstad said.

Reigstad said that the three-day shutdown over the weekend shouldn’t impact returns right now, however, he says the Internal Revenue Service is already short staffed and any shutdown in the future could also make it difficult for people to get a hold of anyone to ask questions.