Hackers wiped out Boardman business’ bank account, police say

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – A Boardman business reported having $1.7 million stolen from its bank account over the past week.

Boardman Molded Products on Thalia Avenue is run by a father-son duo. They told police that starting on Jan. 16, someone hacked into the father’s email and through Wednesday, had been depleting their bank account.

Police said the hackers had been sending very realistic invoices to the accounts payable department through the father’s email.

They then took the money and wired it to companies in Hong Kong and Cambodia, according to a report. Police said the money was wired six times.

The father only learned someone was stealing from them when the bank contacted him and said all of the money in his account was gone.

Boardman Molded Products’ owners do not think any of their employees are responsible.