Meeting planned to discuss state of Wellsville’s fiscal emergency

WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WYTV) – The village of Wellsville has been in fiscal emergency for about a year, but now more cuts need to be made and action is being taken.

There will be a special meeting on Monday to discuss options where cuts can be made. The fiscal commission is only allowed to spend 85 percent of what was spent last year.

According to Village Council President Randy Allman, the village is $18,000 over their limit for January.

The meeting is for ideas on cuts only. No decisions will be made.

“Because we’re at the bare bone as it is, because you take the 15 percent we didn’t spend last year, it puts us in a tougher bind,” Allman said.

Allman also says it’s been tough to keep people in Wellsville. Many young students go to college but don’t come back.

Plus, many people in the village are on social security and don’t have to pay an income tax.

About 4,000 people currently live in Wellsville.