Wellsville plans installment of new speeding cameras around village

WELLSVILLE, Ohio (WYTV) – You’ll want to watch your speed if you plan on driving through Wellsville anytime soon, the village is planning to put new speeding cameras out on the roads.

Wellsville’s village council voted five to zero to allow unmanned traffic cameras within the village. People going over 6 mph in a school zone and 9 mph everywhere else will be ticketed.

Neighbors say speeding has been an ongoing problem.

“People fly up and down the streets like there’s no tomorrow,” said resident Mick Comparetta.

The free-standing speeding cameras will be used to reduce the speeding problem along major roads.

Police Chief Ed Wilson says the cameras will be placed in areas with high traffic, like near schools, downtown and around Route 7, but they are moveable.

“We figured we put up stationary cameras to cut down on labor costs even though the company that owns the cameras pay for the officers’ time,” said Randy Allman, president of Wellsville’s village council.

The cameras will also help the city cover extra time for police officers.

“We had quite a bit of overtime because we don’t have enough part-time police officers … We tried [to hire more] … We advertised in several newspapers,” Allman said.

Allman says only a handful of people applied for the part-time positions, but only one was hired. He says they aren’t getting enough applicants.

Part of the money from the $100 fines will be put into the village’s general fund for the year. The rest will be paid to the company who provides the cameras.

“We pay a fee of like $6,000 a month to the company that owns the cameras. It changes and some of it would go to that and the rest would be split,” Allman said.

Wilson says right now he expects the cameras to come from Blue Line Solutions.

The officers will still use regular handheld speeding cameras, but less often.

Meanwhile, neighbors say they are happy these cameras are being installed.

“I think that’s a great idea for the safety of everybody involved there,” Comparetta said.

Currently, there’s no timetable for when the cameras will be installed. They will not cost taxpayers a dime.