Hometown Hero makes it her business teaching kids how to tumble

Rachel Royer started "Rachel's Tumbling" inside her parents' Sharon living room and the business took off from there

Rachel Royer, Rachel's Tumbling, Sharon

SHARON, Pa. (WYTV) – This week’s Hometown Hero is a 19-year-old Penn State freshman and former Sharon Tiger cheerleader who has taken her love of tumbling to the next level.

Rachel Royer recently expanded her business, “Rachel’s Tumbling,” beyond her parents’ living room. But more than tumbling, Rachel is teaching girls and boys little life lessons along the way.

Regardless of their ability, age or means to pay, Rachel teaches the fine art of tumbling to over 250 kids from as young as age 2.Rachel Royer, Rachel's Tumbling, Sharon

“I have the kids, their parents say don’t stop moving, and I’m like, ‘Bring them here. They’ll run off the energy and learn how to use their energy,” she said.

Rachel started her business inside her parents’ living room and it took off from there. So much so, that she needed to find a space of her own.

“As soon as I moved into a building, it expanded rapidly,” Rachel said.

Even though she moved to a bigger space, her mission remains the same. Rachel encourages the kids to work hard at school, be friends with and kind to everyone and accept everyone no matter what their ability is.

“The places that teach gymnastics first, they’re really expensive,” she said. “I tried to open something that everybody can afford. I want everyone to have the same opportunities.”

“It’s huge. It’s like it just keeps growing and it’s just amazing,” said Brenda Royer, Rachel’s mom.

Brenda may be Rachel’s biggest fan, but these kids consider her gym their second home. They look up to Rachel as a role model.

“I just want to stay here as long as I can,” said Olivia Schnieder, one of Rachel’s original members.

As for the future, Rachel wants to expand.

“I have classes that are like, 30 kids in this little room so once I get more money, I want to buy a giant place so these kids can do more stuff and we’ll have more activities for them,” she said.

Speaking of more activities for the kids, Rachel just put together a cheerleading program and the team will be competing in three local competitions very soon.

Visit Rachel’s Tumbling on Facebook for more information.

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