Mojo’s Pub-N-Grill

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An American Pub!

At Mojo’s Pub-n-Grill, we pride ourselves on being an American pub! It all started in 2004 when we were sitting around thinking why there weren’t any American pubs around. We thought, “What if we started one?” So what would an American pub be, right? One thing came to mind – rock-n-roll. Next came American food, which included classics like legendary burgers, shareable starters, wings, BBQ ribs, and hand-cut steaks. Oh, and let’s not forget about the beer! Lots of beer. Here at Mojo’s Pub-n-Grill, we always say, “good food, good spirits, -n- good times.”

6292 Mahoning Ave., Austintown, OH 44515
(330) 793-6656

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Mojo’s Pub-N-Grill menu
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11AM – 11PM (Kitchen Closes at 10PM), Saturday 11:30AM – 11PM (Kitchen Closes at 10:30PM), Sunday Noon – 9PM (Kitchen Closes at 8:30PM), Closed Monday Review

Mojo’s Pub-n-Grill

I love surprises and I really love them when the surprise turns out to be so much more than I expected. I had one of those, the moment I walked into Mojo’s in Austintown. I’m not sure why, but I thought Mojo’s was a bar that maybe served some good bar food. I was so wrong. Mojo’s is an awesome restaurant that just happens to serve great food, amazing drinks and homemade cheesecake. There are several high back booths, tables and a bar area with a few additional tables. I was warmly welcomed by owner John Marino and his girlfriend Tammy. John is the genius behind the recipes and even more genius because he has teamed up with Tammy who happens to bake a to-die-for cheesecake and is also the “house mixologist”.

John opened Mojo’s in the current location about 2 years ago. It has a Classic Rock vibe, 60’s and 70’s, with the walls covered in artwork to match. You’ll see music posters from Zappa to Zeppelin, The Beatles to The Doors. Ah, The Doors. John smiles, “I’m a big Jim Morrison/Doors fan. That’s where the name Mojo’s came from. Mojo Risin’.” He’s referring to the classic Doors hit, “L.A. Woman”.

We looked over the menu and John asked what I liked. As always, I left it up to him. He threw out a view options and headed off to the kitchen as I continued looking over the menu. It wasn’t long before I could smell something wonderful wafting its way through the the dining room as if it knew it’s final destination. My booth. My wait seemed like only minutes when John and Tammy reappeared with plate after plate of beautiful entrees, a slice of divine looking cheesecake and two icy drinks. Everything looked amazing, plating was beautiful, portions were large. It’s a good thing I had two forks because I was ready to dive in with both hands.

There aren’t many restaurants that serve walleye so I decided to start there. A pan-fried walleye filet resting on a bed of sautéed spinach and grape tomatoes in a light butter, wine sauce. Just one bite and I was sold. Absolutely phenomenal. This is the most delicious fish dish I have ever eaten. The fish is so light and fresh, cooked to perfection. The spinach is well seasoned and the sauce takes this dish over the top. If you’re not a fan of fish you’ve got to give it one more try with Mojo’s walleye. This one has found a way into the number one position on my list.

As much as I would’ve loved to finish every bit of that walleye, I had to save room and move on to the next plate. I love pasta and the Spinach Ravioli did not disappoint. Giant ravioli are filled with a cheesy spinach filling in a pink vodka sauce. First of all, the ravioli are stuffed full and if you love cheese you will love this dish. The filling has a blend of Italian cheeses, the sauce has a hint of cheese and then a sprinkling of cheese on the top. Cooked perfectly, and the vodka sauce is packed with flavor, bits of tomato, cheese and is nice and thick clinging to every bite. Smile, say cheese, and order this one. You’ll be smiling all night.

In between dishes, I managed to take a sip or two. Ok, maybe it was more like in between bites but Tammy made me a couple signature drinks that aren’t even on the menu yet. I have no problem with being her taste tester. The jumbo Frozen Lemonade was refreshing and will be the perfect drink to sip on the patio this summer. A sweet, lemon sugar coats the rim of this icy, spiked, lemon slush that will bring out the kid in everyone with just the right amount of sour. If you like things a little sweeter, try Tammy’s new Watermelon drink. Tammy told me what it’s called, it’s either Watermelon Crush or Crawl, forgive me but all this food and my cleansing sips may have put me in a bit of a purple haze because today I’m having a hard time reading my own writing from my notes. I do remember it’s really good. It looks like a sunset in a glass, is a little sweet, a little sour and leaves a note of melon behind that will have you ordering a second.

Back to the food. Let’s see. I pulled over a plate of BBQ ribs and cheese fries that were just begging me to try. I cut off a rib, dripping in BBQ, and went for it. Oh ya. Great charcoal grill on the outside, moist and meaty and a delicious, finger lickin’ good BBQ sauce. Finish off an order of these and there will be nothing but a plate of bones when you’re done. You’ll use those hand cut, cheese covered fries to sop up every last bit of that sauce leaving nothing but bone. If you like barbecue, you’ll love these ribs and John tells me he makes a pretty good BBQ pulled pork as well.

My final dish before dessert was a burger. The menu offerings have subtle rock references and this burger was a classic; the James Brown-n-Blue Burger. I feel good about this one. A burger with blue cheese, bacon and grilled onions. That’s right up my alley. Again, I was not disappointed. The burger was big hanging out over the edges of a soft Kaiser bun. The James Brown is topped with grilled onions, a pile of blue cheese crumbles and two crispy strips of bacon. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and a side of hand cut fries, try keeping this one in the bun, it’s that big.

I rarely order dessert when dining out mostly because I’m just too full. Today I was full but that cheesecake had my name written all over it in chocolate syrup. Turtle Cheesecake, one of eight cheesecakes that Tammy had made from scratch the night before. There’s one word I don’t believe I’ve ever used in a review before and I will use it now and never again. Decadent. Artistically handcrafted, this gorgeous dessert was almost too pretty to eat. If you’re ready for some chocolate gourmet goodness that will melt in your mouth, you’ve got to try this. A chocolate crumb crust topped with the lightest cheesecake filling I’ve ever had. Topped with chocolate, caramel and pecans. The cheesecake sits on a chocolate drizzled plate saddled by two dollops of whipped cream. Tammy, I’m retiring the word “decadent” in honor of your cheesecake and hanging a picture of it on my wall. If there’s a stairway to heaven this cheesecake will be served at the top.

I asked Tammy where her baking experience came from and how she got so good at it. Her reply, as she looked at John, “Trial and error, and his palate.” Tammy and John click and have a good vibe. She compliments him and vice versa. They seem to just get it and what they have is really good, both on a personal level and a professional level with this amazing restaurant.

Like I said earlier, Mojo’s Pub-n-Grill was an over the top surprise: Great Food, Cold Drinks and decadent Cheesecake, all in one place. Mr. Mojo Risin’. I was a “lucky little lady” in Austintown tonight.

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