Good Question: Why is there 9/10ths of a cent charge for a gallon of gas?

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Len Rome asked Daybreak viewers, “Do you know why there is 9/10ths of a cent charge for gasoline?”

Watch the above video for their answers.

Len says our viewer, Stacy, also wanted to know what happens if she were to buy exactly a gallon of gas for her truck. What kind of change would she get back from those tenths of a cent?

Well, here at the BP station on US-224 and South Avenue in Boardman, the manager said she’d just give her a penny, round it up.

How did this nine-tenths of a cent get started?

It started in the Depression. Back in the 1930s, gasoline was 10 cents a gallon. The¬†government began to tax it an extra penny — a tax that was supposed to go away.

Well, that penny back then is equivalent to about 20, 25 cents today, so some gasoline stations began to charge in tenths of a cent in order to make a profit and attract more drivers.