Congressman Ryan back in town after long night in Washington

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – The government shut down at midnight but by morning, the problem was fixed. Congressman Tim Ryan said it was a busy morning — back on the House floor around 3 before a final vote to approve the budget around 5:30.

“For our district and, I think, for the country, I think it was a deal that had to be made, in the sense that there wasn’t really a good end game for shutting the government down,” said Rep. Tim Ryan (OH – 13th District).

There was give-and-take to keep the government shutdown short.

“I mean, Washington is broken, so to have a deal where we’re making these domestic investments that are important and making the military investments that are important for our strategic defense in the world, we didn’t get everything we wanted. I felt I needed to support it,” Ryan said.

The $400 billion spending plan, which was approved, includes $6 billion to help with the drug problem across the nation. It also extends the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and provides disaster relief funding.

The deal included a huge spending increase for the Pentagon as well. Ryan has already talked with the secretary of the Air Force to make sure the funding for new C130s includes the Youngstown Air Reserve Station.

“We want to start getting some of these planes here. We want to get them in our base,” Ryan said.

He said safety is a concern with the old planes.

“Our men and women who fly these planes, they fly very low to the ground. I’m concerned about their safety, which is one of the reasons we want to put this money in for these new planes.”

There was considerable concern about funding more budget deficits. Ryan believes that, combined with the tax cut, has led to the stock market correction.

“The tax cut is proving to have thrown gas on this fire that was already out there. Instead of cooling things down, it made it a lot hotter than it needed to be,” he said.

Ryan said he talked with Amer Adi, but there was nothing new to report.

The Congressman also expressed a level of concern with GM Lordstown, knowing it has the ability and technology to diversify and make other cars. He wants to see that happen.