Nugget of Knowledge: Live longer by smiling

Major League baseball players with authentic smiles on playing cards lived longer

Nugget of Knowledge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Here on Daybreak, we try to make you smile, and it’s for a very good reason: We want to keep you alive. We need every viewer we can get.

For an example, we’ll use baseball cards.

Several years ago, Wayne State University in Detroit analyzed the faces of 230 Major League baseball players from older cards, back to the early-50s, and all of the players had died by then.

They divided them into three groups: no smiles, partial smiles and authentic smiles — a spontaneous expression of happiness.

The researchers found that the real smilers — apparently the really contented players — lived longer than those who were only partially smiling, or not grinning at all.

The difference was huge. No smilers lived an average of 73 years, while partial smilers lived 75 years, and the guys with the biggest grins lived 80 years.

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