Report: Boardman man threatens to burn down apartment

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Police say a Boardman man poured lighter fluid in an apartment, threatening to burn it down.

Police were called to a reported fight on Thursday, after a Boardman woman said she was involved in an escalated argument with 29-year-old Demarcus Sadler. She said he poured lighter fluid all over their apartment, had a lighter and threatened to burn the building down.

According to the police report, Sadler also called 911 and said he would be returning to the apartment to “handle business,” light the place on fire and that he wished for the police to kill him.

When police arrived, Sadler was standing in the front yard talking on the phone with one hand in his pocket. Police advised him to put his hands up and he complied.

Sadler told the officer several times to shoot him and stated, “I want to die… she got another [man] in there,” according to the report.

When officers entered the apartment, they could smell the lighter fluid and say the smell got stronger as they went in and the carpet was also wet. Officers evacuated the apartment and then called the fire department.

The victim told police she and Sadler have been roommates since August 2017.

The victim said the argument began when Sadler brought up their money troubles, back rent and suggested he should “start selling dope again to make ends meet.” She said Sadler became more upset when the father of her child showed up to the apartment.

According to the report, the two wrestled Sadler for a lighter after he poured lighter fluid in the hallway, kitchen, bedroom and living room, then lit a cigarette saying he did not care if everyone inside died.

Police say Sadler was taken to the hospital at which time he told officers he is in a romantic relationship with the woman.

Police recovered a bottle of lighter fluid from the front porch of the apartment and a second bottle was found in the furnace room.

Police say Sadler admitted to pouring the lighter fluid. He was placed under arrest and charged with attempted aggravated arson, domestic violence, inducing panic and domestic violence against a pregnant victim.