All-natural flu remedy flying off shelves of holistic Boardman store

Living Naturally Health Market in Boardman has been scrambling to get another shipment of Oscillococcinum

Living Naturally, Boardman, flu remedy

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – While many doctors suggest drugs like Tamiflu for fighting the virus, some prefer to use a more holistic approach when treating their symptoms.

If you’re looking for any all-natural products aimed at combating the flu, you’ve probably had a hard time finding them. So what is this popular homeopathic product and why is it flying off the shelves?

“It’s Oscillococcinum,” said Shannon Williams, the owner of Living Naturally Health Market in Boardman.

Hard to say and even harder to find.

The holistic grocery store on Route 224 has been scrambling to get another shipment of Oscillococcinum, which is made from a duck liver and heart extract.

“We can’t even keep it in stock. We got it in last week and it was gone in two days,” Williams said.

She said this holistic remedy has actually been used to fight flu symptoms for more than 100 years by “stimulating the body’s natural healing process.”

Being as this might be the worst flu season we’ve seen in a decade, Williams suggests other all-natural products like these to help boost your immune system. Echinacea is one of the things she recommends.

“It’s supposed to help relieve flu symptoms, body aches, fever, chill.”

Washing your hands regularly and sanitizing your workspace is always helpful. Oregano spray can be used as an all-natural sanitizer.

Experts warn that you should check with your doctor, especially if you take certain medications, before trying any new products.