Proposed infrastructure plan could increase toll costs locally

It already costs $18.75 to travel the length of the Ohio Turnpike from the Pennsylvania border to Indiana

(WYTV) – President Trump rolled out his infrastructure plan on Monday. It’s a $1.5 trillion, 10-year plan that aims to improve roads, bridges and airports.

The funding for the plan would come from $200 billion of federal funding, with the remaining $1.3 trillion raised on state and local levels. There’s more than one way to raise this money, but one possibility would be expanding toll roads.

It costs $18.75 to travel the length of the Ohio Turnpike from the Pennsylvania border to Indiana.

“I mean, I avoid going on the turnpike already now,” Krystle Daisy said.

With Trump’s proposed infrastructure plan, there’s a chance that tolls could stretch further down interstate highways such as 80 and 76.

“There is no way you could increase the tolls enough to raise that much money. It’s not a federal infrastructure plan if it’s all gonna be on the backs of local government and states,” said State Sen. Joe Schiavoni.

If the plan goes through, it could mean either an added cost for drivers or a re-route.

“It’s already hard enough with gas prices and stuff, and now having to pay tolls,” Daisy said.

Emilee McClun said she would probably just go another way.

There are other ways money could be raised for the improvements.

“States will have to look at how to drive that revenue through tolls, gas taxes, increased sales taxes, things that really affect everyday Ohioans,” Schiavoni said.

This is just a proposal. Lawmakers will now debate the plan in Washington, where it’s getting a frosty reception among Democrats.