Remember what 50° feels like? Here’s when we last hit that mark and when we’ll see it again

33 Pinpoint Weather Forecast for Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding communities

Since winter began, our days spent with temperatures in the 50s have been few. Between the start of winter, December 21st, to today, February 12th, we have seen just 7 days where the temperature was at or above 50°. The last time we were that warm was 17 days ago at the time of typing this. Here’s the list…

December 21st  –  High: 51°
December 22nd – High: 51°
January 11th – High: 62°
January 12th – High: 58°
January 22nd – High: 58°
January 23rd – High: 56°
January 26th – High: 53°

Here’s something to look forward to, in our current 7-day forecast, I expect to see the 50s return before the current workweek ends! Warmer temperatures will begin pushing into the region on Tuesday and will continue warming through Thursday evening. After a brief cool-down for the end of the workweek and start of the weekend, we will have another shot at warming to the 50s as the next workweek begins, too!

When does snow return?
A cold front will cross through the area on Friday. This will drop temperatures from the 50s back to the 30s. Rain on Friday is expected to mix with and then change to snow. For a more detailed breakdown of the week ahead, click “PLAY” on the video above. For the hourly forecast, Click Here.