‘It’s really bad:’ Drivers dodging craters in the roads

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – They’re on interstates, county roads — even parking lots.

“It’s bad. Really bad,” said Kevin Mellott, of Canfield.

Potholes are all over the Valley and it seems there’s no escaping them.

Youngstown State geology professor Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer said it all comes down to science.

“Potholes are a part of what we call physical, or mechanical, weathering.”

Or in layman’s terms, a headache for drivers.

“When the ice melts, the water seeps into the cracks and when it freezes, it expands,” Beiersdorfer said.

There’s no stopping Mother Nature, but you can always do your best to avoid these craters.

“I pay attention when I’m driving and dodge them,” said Ron Carcelli, of Struthers.

Some people are even pointing out potholes for you. Over the weekend, someone put up a sign in Warren, warning drivers about a huge pothole.

“I’m hoping everything gets done as soon as possible for the safety of the drivers,” Carcelli said.

The Ohio Department of Transportation said workers are doing all they can with the money and time they have. A spokesman for the department said, “If they’re not plowing now, they’re filling potholes.”