Lisbon proposes bringing naloxone into schools to prevent overdoses

LISBON, Ohio (WYTV) – The Lisbon School District is taking steps to prevent overdoses. The plan involves having naloxone available in its two school buildings.

School Board President Eugene Gallo said the board made this decision after several months of consideration. It’s not a response to any one particular event at the school — rather, of the opioid epidemic as a whole.

“If you watch the news at all, you’ve known we’re facing an opioid epidemic and it just made a lot of sense to me,” Gallo said.

He first brought up the idea of Narcan, the brandname of naloxone, in the district. Schools in other counties carry it, but Lisbon would be the first in Columbiana County.

“It’s a practical response to the fact that we’re facing an epidemic,” Gallo said.

The Narcan and training on how to administer it were both donated by Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone), a state-sponsored drug education and naloxone distribution program.

Four people between the two schools will be able to administer it in an emergency, including the school nurse and guidance counselor.

“You can’t ignore the fact there’s an opioid epidemic,” Gallo said.

Parents and students are unsure of how they feel. Many see this as an unfortunate necessity, but one they’d rather wasn’t needed in the first place.

“Even though there are some negative parts to this idea, I think this needs to be in the school,” parent Samantha Baxter said.

Randy Felton, a student, doesn’t think they need it. But former student, Jaymez Baxter, disagrees.

“That would be amazing,” he said. “It would save lives and help a lot of people.”

“We shouldn’t need it because we shouldn’t have drug problems but if there ever was an overdose, we should have it,” student Reagan Frantz said.

The school board still has to give its final approval on naloxone in the schools, which could happen at its meeting on March 14.