Billions of dollars in unclaimed cash — could some of it be yours?

How to get your money can vary but for most, it's as easy as going to your state's money claiming website and searching for your name

(WYTV) – Most people could use some extra money. Well, you might be in luck and you’re probably not alone. There are billions of dollars in unclaimed cash just waiting to be picked up.

The money can be anything from overpaid bills, to returned checks or an insurance claim. But why does this happen?

Usually, it’s because people move and change their addresses. If whoever needs to pay you can’t find you, the money goes to the state and they keep it. Forever.

“Until we can reunite it with its rightful owner,” said Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella.

Pennsylvania currently has $3.2 billion in unclaimed property. Ohio has $2.6 billion. So how do you find out if you’ve got some of that money waiting for you?

How to get your money can vary but for most, it’s as easy as going to your state’s money claiming website and searching for your name.

Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds

Pennsylvania Treasury — Unclaimed Property

If your name pops up with one of your previous addresses, you have unclaimed money waiting for you.

Now all that’s left is filling out a claims form. Someone from the Treasury will work with you to confirm it’s really you. You’ll need copies of your photo ID and, possibly, Social Security card. An old bill with the address you used wouldn’t hurt either.

Once the state confirms it’s you, you’ll usually get a check in the mail.

It isn’t just money, either. You might be able to claim things from relatives that are no longer living.

Every day, valuable items are left with the state as it tries to find the rightful owners — sports memorabilia, jewelry and purple hearts.

So how soon can you get your money? Well, that depends.

If you have all of the proper documentation ready to go immediately, it won’t take too long. But if the property wasn’t yours to begin with or if it’s a lot of money, it could take longer.