Good question: Spending less time on Facebook?

Len asked viewers why they're using the social media less frequently

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Are you spending less time on Facebook?

Len talked to some viewers who said they’re using this form of social media less these days. Watch the video above for their responses.

Len says Facebook doesn’t lack for users, however.

Len says Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg admits that people are using his product a little less these days, but he says it’s because he’s offering fewer viral videos and that he’s tweaked the contents. He says that’s OK; he wants to offer users more quality time.

Len says there’s one Facebook habit you shouldn’t cut back on and that’s watching Daybreak and before you tune to Good Morning America. Check out our Daybreak Facebook page, just a couple of minutes after 7 a.m every morning.

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