Drivers are fed up with pesky potholes riddling nearly every road

(WYTV) – Potholes during the winter in northeast Ohio are bound to happen and with the recent freeze and thaw periods we’ve had, they’re surfacing quickly.

Potholes come in different shapes and sizes. Some are deep and wide, coming up to your ankles — like one on Four Mile Run Road in Austintown. Others are small and scattered, forcing you to drive out of your lane to avoid them.

Then there are the potholes where you just have to brace and hope for the best.

WKBN went driving around the Valley Tuesday evening, checking out the potholes viewers have warned us about. One of the worst we’ve seen so far is on Salt Springs Road in Youngstown. Water covering it made it even tougher to see.

“They’re horrible!” said Bobby, of Youngstown.

Bobby lives right down the street from a series of potholes and he is “pissed off” about the road. He said he recently bent a rim hitting them.

“They need repaired. Trucks go down through here, big semis, and they just bust them out and they fix them and a day later, they’re bad again.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation laid 22 tons of patch material in the area today, focusing primarily on Interstate 680. A pothole on I-680 North just before the Indianola exit popped at least eight tires Monday night.

“This pothole opened up and continued to get worse,” said Brent Kovacs, with ODOT. “We’re in the worst of the freeze and thaw season here and potholes are constantly popping up.”

ODOT will be back out on the roads on Wednesday, filling in those trouble spots.