Group of Alliance high schoolers arrested after shooting plans overheard

ALLIANCE, Ohio (WYTV) – Five Alliance High School students were arrested Wednesday after police say witnesses reported overhearing them planning a school shooting.

Students overheard the five 15-year-old freshmen discussing the details of their plan at the lunch table.

Those students told administrators what they heard and police started investigating.

Police said the five had been communicating through phone apps for several weeks. They were talking about how they were going to buy weapons and trap students in the building, according to police.

Investigators were told the group’s plans were just a joke and the students weren’t actually going to carry them out.

Police said there is no evidence the students tried to get weapons or prepare for a shooting.

All five students are charged with making false alarms and were taken to the Faircrest Juvenile Attention Center. Investigators don’t believe anyone else was involved.

The school did not have to go into lockdown and there was no immediate threat.