Nugget of Knowledge: Trailer parks and tornadoes

Less sturdy, trailers are destroyed by some of the weaker tornadoes

Nugget of Knowledge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – There is little truth to the myth that mobile homes “attract” tornadoes.

Tornadoes don’t hit trailer parks more frequently than anything else.

But why does it seem that tornadoes seem to damage trailer parks more than any other places, like bullies who single out the smallest kids?

Trailers usually have no stable foundations and they’re lightweight so tornadoes can do a lot of damage to them. The TV cameras like to go where there is the most destruction, so you’ll see destroyed trailer parks more often.

There’s one more theory from Purdue University.

A university research team found that tornadoes often strike in what are called “transition zones.” That’s where a city ends and a rural area begins, or a forest ends and turns to farmland. The theory is these abrupt changes in the landscape may trigger severe changes in weather.

Where do we find many trailer parks?

At the edges of cities, so they’re coincidentally in areas where we’re going to see more tornadoes.

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