Ground saturation leaves floodwaters nowhere to go in East Liverpool

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WYTV) – East Liverpool is gearing up for rain this weekend that could potentially cause some flooding, adding to the amount from last week’s rainfall. The city is already telling residents in flood-prone areas to find somewhere else to stay starting Sunday night.

Flooding is nothing new for neighbors in low-lying areas like River Road, which is right across from the Ohio River. Homeowners have pumps ready in case the water starts flowing into their basements.

“Oh, it does worry me very much, but I’ve been through it many, many times,” Cheryl Schmidbauer said.

She’s lived on River Road for 30 years and said having a great view of the Ohio River and the rest of the city comes with a catch.

“You just do what you have to do. I’m hooked up good with pumps and everything.”

By Sunday, Storm Team 27 Chief Meteorologist Paul Wetzl is tracking the possibility of two or more inches of rain.

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Schmidbauer said living across from the river isn’t always what causes her the worst problems.

“It’s when the city drains fill up is what hurts me the worst.”

Last week’s rain flooded many of these homes and closed the roads nearby.

“The ground is so saturated with water, any additional water — there’s nowhere else for it to go except to the river,” said Safety Service Director Brian Allen.

The city wants everyone to be on high alert as the rain starts falling Sunday night so they can be prepared to leave if the flooding gets serious.

“More water in their basement. Not underwater, but their basements underwater, maybe some on the first floor,” Allen said.

He said there are about ten homes that may have trouble but businesses along the river should also prepare.

“The mayor and myself, actually, personally visited some of the businesses today to offer assistance from the city if they need to move equipment, materials, whatever. We could use the city’s manpower to help them.”

The city said it will have someone monitoring the rainfall totals and the level of the river 24/7 for the next three days. City leaders will keep residents up-to-date.

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