Vienna community comes together to raise money for local woman’s procedure

After years of failed treatments, Danielle Bozek's doctors say she needs a $100,000 kidney transplant that her insurance won't cover

VIENNA, Ohio (WYTV) – Danielle Bozek is on the path to becoming a doctor, but a medical condition is holding her back.

“She was diagnosed at 13 with Gitelman’s syndrome. It’s a defect in the kidneys — it’s genetic — that you don’t retain potassium or magnesium,” said Cindy Maffitt, Bozek’s mother.

After years of failed treatments, Bozek’s doctors say she needs a kidney transplant. But, her insurance won’t cover the $100,000 procedure.

“They won’t pay for it because it is experimental. She doesn’t meet your standard definition of kidney failure, she’s not on dialysis,” Maffitt said.

So Saturday, Bozek’s friends and family members put on a day-long yoga marathon to help pay for the transplant.

“She might be a doctor in this area one day if we give her that opportunity to get past this hiccup in her life,” said Miranda Boyer, one of Bozek’s friends.

Maffitt says she’s thrilled that the community wants to help her daughter reach her full potential.

“Just to know that there is going to be some way to at least attempt to start paying for all of this, it’s a big relief,” she said.