Hometown Hero: Greg Gulas, quiet excellence at YSU

Greg is in the YSU Sports Hall of Fame for his contribution to athletics

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – If you are involved in the YSU community, you know Greg Gulas is a quiet man of action and why he is this week’s 33 WYTV’s Hometown Hero.

Community organizer Tony Spano nominated Gulas.

“Greg has done so much for the community. He is the quiet guy that loves what he does, and he gives back to the community in more ways than one,” Spano said.

A life-long Penguin, Greg played for the YSU baseball team in the 70s. Greg ran the sports information department for years and was inducted into the YSU sports hall of fame in 2005 for his contribution to its many programs.

“Even though he is retired, he is still ready to do for the students. If somebody asks him  for something, he’s ready to help,” said Retired YSU Police Chief Jack Gocala.

Greg’s far too passionate to retire completely. He teaches a class via satellite to local inmates, teaching them how to put together a newscast. But what he really teaches is hope. Hope for a better future after a troubled past.

Helping one another is what Greg Gulas is all about. And the biggest reward.

“These people right here, severing everybody and being a part of something really, really special. Thank you, thank you. I am so happy to see everybody,” Greg said.

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