Who ordered the sunshine!?

We ordered the sunshine- for one more day at least!
Snow arrives early Tuesday and will be off and on through the day.
Same story for Wednesday – scattered snow showers all through the day.
The snow tapers off Wednesday night, by the time the showers end, 1-2 inches is likely. Isolated areas, mainly in the snow belt have the potential to see above 2 inches due to Lake Effect snow.

Monday remains mild, similar to Sunday’s conditions. Temperatures for the next 2 days will sit in the mid 30s.
Wednesday, highs struggle to reach 30.
Thursday, we kick things up a bit, with an 11 degree jump to 40° for the high and sunshine.

For snow totals and timing, click “play” on the video above .

St. Patrick’s Day Outlook
There is a chance to see some rain showers as you head out for your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. It is still nearly a week out, we will continue to track timing of the rain as we get closer to Saturday. As for temperatures- a little luck o’ the Irish might be the case- with mid 50s for highs.

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