TKS Athletics plans spring camp for young athletes

A youth athletic program builds strength, no matter what the sport

(WYTV) – Coach Tony Sarigianopoulos runs TKS Athletics. They’re based out of Sluggers complex on South Avenue extension near the Lake Club.

It’s a training program for young athletes to get more out of whatever sport they’re interested in.

“It’s a football town, but our program will build endurance, strength and explosiveness — from tennis to wrestling, baseball to golf or track and field,” Sarigianopoulos said. “Our kids also learn to push themselves to reach their maximum potential.”

On April 14, TKS Athletics has a camp for members and non-members. If you have a young athlete, the camp will help them to get better at their selected sport.

There will also be a guest speaker, Nate Carr, a national wrestling champion and Olympic medalist.

The cost of the camp is $34.95 for TKS members and $49.95 for non-TKS athletes.

Included in the camp are pizza dinner and a free t-shirt.

The biggest thing kids will get out of the camp?  How to deal with adversity, goal setting, and overcoming your fear of leaving your comfort zone.

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