Woman sentenced for stealing from Boardman business

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – A woman convicted of stealing almost $200,000 from her employer was sentenced Tuesday.

Adriann Bunch was sentenced 18 months in jail plus restitution as part of a plea deal.

Bunch pleaded guilty to aggravated theft in February. Prosecutors say she overpaid herself as a payroll accountant at State Alarm in Boardman.

Bunch did little more than stare down at the floor as her former boss, Donald Shury, told a judge the woman didn’t just steal from his company but took from everyone else who worked there.

“It’s all about the other employees that were violated, didn’t get raises and so forth,” Shury said

Police say Bunch admitted to the theft and said she took the money to help family members pay their bills, but it’s something Shury doesn’t believe.

“The allegation was that this was for family need. It couldn’t have been for need when she offered to purchase my season Browns tickets with my own money,” Shury said.

The payments started in 2013 but grew in number and amount, according to Bunch’s attorney Lynn Maro.

“You know the first few times it was $1,500, $1,300, $1,800, and it snowballed,” Maro said.

Before being sentenced, Bunch apologized to her former co-workers and her boss.

“I hope one day he can at least forgive me or at least not feel disgust,” Bunch said.

Bunch and her lawyer insist she will repay what she took, but Judge Lou D’Apolito had his doubts, saying the “reality of her paying that money back is like hitting the lottery.”

Bunch said she is going to pay it back no matter what it takes. Her family has already paid $13,000 for the debt.

Although prosecutors were asking for two years behind bars, the judge sentenced her to serve 18 months but said he’d reconsider that as long as Bunch continues making restitution.