Court documents detail confession by Newton Falls murder suspect

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Documents released Wednesday by the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office show that Claudia Hoering told investigators she killed her husband, Air Force Major Karl Hoerig.

They also detail some of what was happening around 2007 when the murder occurred.

Hoerig is charged with aggravated murder in the shooting death of her husband, who was found inside the couple’s Newton Falls home.

The documents indicate that the first time anyone from the United States had a chance to question Hoerig was during a flight on January 17. Hoerig was being flown back to the U.S. from Brazil. She would land at Akron-Canton Airport and be taken from there to the Trumbull County Jail.

According to the transcripts from that interview, Hoerig said, “A wife does not kill her husband without a good reason.”

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The documents state “she suffered from mental and sexual abuse — and that Karl had sexual fetishes that she was uncomfortable with. Hoerig stated she willingly engaged in some sexual activities, but was unwilling to do others.”

According to the documents, Hoerig said that on the day in March of 2007 when her husband was murdered, they argued after she told him she was pregnant.

The documents say, “she wanted to commit suicide and that she purchased a gun to kill herself. She said the gun she purchased to kill herself was the one she used to kill her husband.”

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When she pointed a gun to her head, “Karl responded by telling her to go ahead and kill herself, but to go to the basement so that she did not get blood on paintings and the carpet,” the documents state.

It goes on to say that Hoerig told investigators “she was so angry that she shot him.” She then tried to commit suicide, but the gun wouldn’t fire, according to her statement.

Hoerig said she thinks she shot her husband three times because she wanted to save two bullets for herself. But when she went to commit suicide, the gun did not fire so she said it’s possible he was shot five times.

Hoerig then told police “she called her father and he talked her into fleeing.” She drove to the Pittsburgh Airport, flew to New York and then to Brazil.

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Before any of this happened, she said she withdrew $10,000 and sent it to her father in Brazil “because she anticipated killing herself and did not want Karl or his children to get the money.”

She also said she wanted to talk about what happened, but she did not want to hurt Karl’s family.

In another interview with a Trumbull County sheriff’s detective, Hoerig said she lost the baby because once she was back in Brazil, she couldn’t eat or sleep and was very sick.

Prosecutors worked for almost 11 years to bring her back to the U.S. to stand trial.

Hoerig’s attorneys have asked that her case be dismissed, claiming too much time has passed since her arrest, violating her right to a speedy trial. She is due back in court on March 15 for a hearing on the motion to dismiss the case.

The trial is scheduled to begin in April.