Lisbon parents throw out ideas to make schools safer

LISBON, Ohio (WYTV) – After students raised their voices earlier in the day with school walkout events, about 100 parents in the Lisbon School District voiced what they want to see happen to keep their kids safe.

While Lisbon Schools are just blocks from the police department, the superintendent and police chief wanted to hear parents’ ideas about how to improve safety.

Wednesday night’s public meeting was all about bringing ideas forward, but no decisions have been made. However, Superintendent Joe Siefke did say they are not looking into arming teachers.

“I see in the mornings what the drop-off procedure is. It seems as if anyone can walk through the cafeteria doors,” one mother said.

Finding balance between the threats that need to be taken seriously and the ones that don’t — such as those written on bathroom walls — was discussed.

In the last four years, the schools have been evacuated for bomb threats five times. Two of those happened in the last two months.

“We’ve always been under the impression that we’d rather be safe than sorry, but it seems like no matter what we’re trying to accomplish in educating the kids on how serious of a matter it is, it seems to keep popping up. So from the sounds of things, they want us to continue to evacuate,” Siefke said.

Metal detectors at doors, more resource officers, stronger security systems — all ideas parents suggested.

“When some kid bursts out the door because he’s out of control, the alarm goes off and the camera takes a shot of who goes out the door,” one parent said.

A teacher suggested adding extra guidance counselors since most are now busy with testing and paperwork — not the students’ health.

“With a limited budget, do you go with a guidance counselor to give you the mental support or do you go with someone like an SRO who would give you the physical support of having a person armed in the building,” Siefke.

He said they have been considering some of the safety measures, like metal detectors and keeping more doors locked. Siefke said some of the doors have been kept open to make drop-off and pick-up easier, but they’re considering locking them once again.