Lordstown students head to Columbus seeking change

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Over the past week, more than 200 students with Lordstown High School have written letters to their state lawmakers focusing on school security and making sure students feel safe and welcome.

“No student should be afraid to go to school – a place that is supposed to be a safe haven,” said Abigail Slaubaugh, junior.

Many of the students wore orange Wednesday showing solidarity with the victims of the massacre at Stoneman-Douglas High School. Freshman Ava Spano talked about safety.

“Safety improvements will make a colossal impact on students, parents and teachers,” Spano said. “Action needs to be taken now to make students and staff feel safe while entering the doors of their school.”

Students also understand metal detectors, security cameras and school resource officers all come at a huge cost. That’s why, after their brief observance this Wednesday morning, about 40 students boarded a bus for Columbus to deliver the letters in person.

“We understand there are priorities when it comes to school funding but shouldn’t safety always be the number one priority?” said Hannah Boyle, sophomore.

“We don’t’ have a lot of money for metal detectors in every entrance to get into our building. That is why we have requested for state funding,” said Rose Mazurkiewicz, 8th grader.

With a dozen shootings at schools around the country just this year, the students hope their observance and hundreds of others like it will get people’s attention.

“We cannot change the actions and events of the past, but we can try our hardest to prevent it from ever happening again,” Slaubaugh said.