Teen on phone, sleeping in court tussles with Trumbull Co. deputies

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – An 18-year-old is in the Trumbull County Jail Wednesday night, accused of being disruptive in court and becoming violent when deputies tried to calm him down.

It all started Tuesday morning as Daquan Owens waited for his case to be called before Judge Andrew Logan. Deputies said he was playing on his phone in the courtroom, then took a snooze — both of which are against court rules.

When a deputy spotted Owens sleeping in the back of the gallery, they asked him to sit up — but he continued to nap.

“They came back, talked to him again and he became somewhat disruptive in the court,” Sheriff Paul Monroe said.

Watch: Scuffle between teen and Trumbull Co. deputies

Deputies said he got loud and argumentative, so they removed him from the room. They took him out into the hallway, where they tried to calm him down.

“Had him sit down on a bench, they explained to him what some of the rules are and he became somewhat violent with our deputies,” Monroe said.

It was there in the hall that Owens was warned several times. Deputies said he continued to argue with them, claiming he did nothing wrong. When he was told he was under arrest, he began to fight with the deputies, who forced him to the ground.

Owens claimed they were racist.

“They followed the rules. They followed our policies and they did their job,” Monroe said. “They did their job without violating anybody’s civil rights and they did it properly.”

Owens was handcuffed and taken to jail.

“It’s very rare does someone escalate the offense because it doesn’t become escalated as a result of what our deputies do. It becomes escalated as a result of what someone else does,” Judge Logan said.

Owens’ pretrial hearing on drug possession charges was rescheduled for next week. Now charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest are pending.