Dr. Shayesteh joined 33 WYTV Daybreak to explain the importance of identifying leaky gut and ways to combat it.

Dr. Shayesteh: Leaky gut

Leaky gut may be responsible for 80 to 90 percent of gastrointestinal, skin, and many other problems most people experience.

Dr. Shayesteh joined 33 WYTV Daybreak to explain what can trigger heartburn and the changes you should make to fight it.

Dr. Shayesteh: Heartburn

In most cases, lifestyle and nutritional changes are the number one way to solve the problem of heartburn.

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Dr. Shayesteh: Eye Foods

Dr. Shayesteh: Eye Foods

Research shows that not only our heart, brain, and skin, but also our eyes are very sensitive to what we eat.