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Kids sledding

Too cool for school?

It was too cold for school, but about a dozen kids took their sleds to the Wick Recreation Area at Mill Creek Park for a couple hours of fun…

Furnace repair calls are up in Youngstown, Ohio because of the cold weather.

Cold snap tasks furnaces

Technicians say you can avoid issues by checking on things well before arctic air hits.

Coitsville attempted robbery 9

Coitsville robbery suspect indicted

Police posted pictures of the suspect from the store’s surveillance video on the Coitsville Police Department’s Facebook page and he turned …

Winter power outage

Power restored in Warren

The outage means that some people may not be able to go home to get out of the cold.

Old Stone Tavern fire in Poland

Photos: Old Stone Tavern fire

At least three fire departments came to the scene of a fire at the Old Stone Tavern in Poland Village Wednesday afternoon.